Sunday, February 04, 2007

wild weekend...for us, that is

well, all i gots to say is: so much for endeavouring to write daily blog entries! (thank goodness i didn't pledge it to everyone on my blog, which was my original idea...)

yesterday was cottie's birthday (the big 29, whoo hoo!) and we took him out for dinner in TO with our friends maria and ruth. following some pretty decent indian food (you know how critical i can be about that!) we headed to his gig at gate 403 with the elizabeth shepherd trio. i'd really recommend checking out her site - has some clips of their shtuff, and a video as well. the gate 403 was hopping, and we consumed a couple pitchers of creemore (and a round of broken-down-golf-cart shots, courtesy of cottie's gf robyn) while we rawked out...overall a pretty great night, seeing as we actually left the house, and did social-y things in the big city (and found some friends that were willing to go out with us in public)...

today, my lovely fiancee has decided that she is throwing a superbowl party...for one. gad she's cute. i say, all the power to her. i may partake in some of the culinary fruits of her trip to the grocery store (hawaiian pizza, M&Ms, coke)...but alas, i will not be celebrating anything beyond that. i'm a werkin' girl. essays to write, readings to absorb, and notes to take. (and hell, if i'm going to procrastinate, i'll play solitaire on the computer. or maybe wash my hair or something.)
i haven't yet decided what i'm going to do with this blog, and who i'm writing for. it was originally a way to keep m' MB peeps informed as to the goings-on in the life of kd...but i think that might be slightly boring! i've also seen lots of people (some people i know, but also people whose blogs i read) that become really attached to writing for an audience, and start to feel neglected/ upset/worked up if they don't find any comments on what they have written. i too can see the potential for that happening...but here's my decision: instead of obsessing (beyond the usual) however, i've just decided to let it evolve. yup, that's what i'm gonna do. so...until the next time i decide to blather randomly (hopefully after i finish writing my paper for my communications course on the history and inception of CBC, and maybe after i've reviewed congenital heart defects, respiration, and completed my case study)...have a wonderful day. and enjoy the superbowl, if that's your thing...

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