Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the spectrum of my weird-ness

i've been seeing this meme (scroll down to the 3rd or 4th entry) traverse the blog circuit and i definitely wanted to participate. i mean, who doesn't want to broadcast their various weirdnesses to the web-savvy public?

so, here are six weird things about me (i tell ya it was hard to limit myself):

1. i often 'see' words that are being spoken aloud - as in, a marquee-like banner rolls through my brain with the words typed out (usually in times new roman, though i would prefer arial). that is why when you tell me the name of your future child, invariably my first question will be 'how is that spelled?'

2. similarly, the spelling of names can make them or break them for me. a misplaced 'e' or some funky garbled spelling can lead to ruin, i tell you!

3. if i am suffering from insomnia, i will try to picture everyone i know asleep. or, i think of babies sleeping, because that is comforting and cozy and sweet.

4. i like baby food. specifically, i love strained pears.

5. the index and middle fingers on my left hand click every time i flex them. it drives b wild.

6. one of my nostrils is a significantly different size than the other. meaning, i won't be offended if you peer up there the next time you see me - in fact, i will be offended if you don't.

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