Wednesday, February 14, 2007

bona fide snow day

snow continued to fall for all of yesterday, and apparently all last night, because BAM! this is what i found when i (a) opened up our door, and (b) tried to find our car:

now, our situation's not as bad as it could've been, mostly because b only came home at 10 pm (she ventured to guelph for her basketball game, that girl is hard-core), and shoveled the driveway, stoop, and sidewalk for the third time in four hours (yes, i shoveled one of those three times!!). actually i don't know if this is an entirely representative picture of how crazy it is out there, but everything is closed, including work for b and skool for me, and i'm pretty sure i shouldn't drive to guelph for choir tonight. i suppose we could snuggle up and celebrate our 6th romantic valentine's day together....except we were planning to do it tomorrow, and we don't have any of the supplies we need to make the scrumptious dinner we planned. further, i have a lab report and an anatomy quiz tomorrow, which, it turns out, kinda kills the mood...


shannon said...

Snow day! Snow day! Do not question what you need in regard to other responsibilities! As tempting as it is to do practical things it is in times like these that you should do crazy cosmic things you never have time for!
Hope you had fun!

WMc said...

Dude! You guys are finally catching up to us "honky" central Cdns. Nice to see!
Hopefully you'll start to experience our nipple cracking cold soon too.
Speaking of cracking - b's not the only one that finds your finger cracking totally weird/annoying!