Thursday, September 14, 2006

human anatomy

okay so here's the thing...i'm at school, studying to be a midwife. yay me. one of the courses we have to take is...okay i need to interject for a sec. i just looked over to my right to find some guy with his whole hand down his! ahem. okay, as i was saying, we have to take anatomy & physiology all year, & today we were introduced to our lab TA & our whole lab. i have to say the experience was slightly freaky, as the specimens were of human origins. i know, i know, how could i not realize that a human anatomy course would include cadavers (sp?) & parts thereof?! but i didn't consider it. not that it would have stopped's just a bit weird, is all.

i think the hardest part of the lab, other than not feeling like passing out in the tropical-like environment (you'd think they would want to regulate the temperature so it doesn't feel like india in there) will be to refrain from making smart-ass comments. there are a lot of folks using the labs who know someone who donated themselves to science, and obviously we need to be respectful of that. i totally understand, and believe me, i want to be respectful. but at the same time, that shutting up is difficult for me at the best of times! the morbid, macabre, slovenly part of me wants to say things that will inevitably be disrespectful, so i am going to have to work a bit more on self-regulation. and it's like the game where you're not supposed to say a certain that i know i can't/shouldn't make glib comments, i want to. desperately. i am hoping by posting this and 'getting it out my system', as it were, i will be able to maintain a strict moral code of behaviour in the lab. if you can inspire me to remain respectful, i am all ears...
my clever example of 'all ears'

Thursday, August 31, 2006

i'm a broken woman

hello fans,

so last week, on the way to work, some shmuck in a transport truck (or 'semi', as my fellow manitobans know it) rear-ended me. it was bad enough that i had to watch his big-ass grate through my rear-view mirror before it hit me, but then, the jerk drove off. i chased him to a gravel pit, where i'm assuming he worked, honking and gesturing (and swearing, if i'm being totally honest), but to no avail. he did not stop. i returned to the site of the collision (right in front of a gas station) to see if i could find any witnesses, but unfortunately, people in ontario do not pump gas for 15 minutes, and no one who saw anything was still there. so i did my little report with the po-po, drove to work, and began what has now evolved into a ridiculous legal battle. the truck guy says he didn't hit me, my insurance is trying to suck out a $300 deductible, and i hurt all over my neck, shoulders, and back. stellar. oh, and did i mention that i was driving a rental car, provided to me by insurance because someone tried to break into ours?! sheeit. i couldn't write a more pathetic story if i tried...

so yup, it's official, folks, i have whiplash. you may wonder: then why the hell are you sitting up on the computer? one word: robaxacet. that's some wonderful stuff. some of my friends (okay, one - jessie) have taken to calling me 'whippy', which i have to say, is not my most favourite of all nicknames. i went to the doctor yesterday (i will herein refer to her as the substitute doctor, cuz mine was on holidays) and she was a total b****. the substitute doctor told me to resume all normal activities (regardless of the fact that i have been laying around for a week because sitting really really hurts) and that i should be able to work, go to school, etc. without a problem. wow. substitute doctor's empathy was just what i needed. oh, and she also threw out that i shouldn't bother with physio or massage, because that could potentially make it worse. what?!

so...i am attempting to resume some normal activity: working on the computer, drinking beer (goes GREAT with robaxacet!), and folding laundry. if i'm feeling really crazy i may do some dishes. and i'm kidding about the beer - meg and i are cutting back. we don't even have any beer in the house...i sucked out the last drops with the support of my neck brace and a straw from our empty 12-pack yesterday. :)

later dudes. feel free to feel sorry for me. i deserve it!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

here i am

...with a blog. all about me. look out folks, you'll wish i never started...!