Thursday, August 31, 2006

i'm a broken woman

hello fans,

so last week, on the way to work, some shmuck in a transport truck (or 'semi', as my fellow manitobans know it) rear-ended me. it was bad enough that i had to watch his big-ass grate through my rear-view mirror before it hit me, but then, the jerk drove off. i chased him to a gravel pit, where i'm assuming he worked, honking and gesturing (and swearing, if i'm being totally honest), but to no avail. he did not stop. i returned to the site of the collision (right in front of a gas station) to see if i could find any witnesses, but unfortunately, people in ontario do not pump gas for 15 minutes, and no one who saw anything was still there. so i did my little report with the po-po, drove to work, and began what has now evolved into a ridiculous legal battle. the truck guy says he didn't hit me, my insurance is trying to suck out a $300 deductible, and i hurt all over my neck, shoulders, and back. stellar. oh, and did i mention that i was driving a rental car, provided to me by insurance because someone tried to break into ours?! sheeit. i couldn't write a more pathetic story if i tried...

so yup, it's official, folks, i have whiplash. you may wonder: then why the hell are you sitting up on the computer? one word: robaxacet. that's some wonderful stuff. some of my friends (okay, one - jessie) have taken to calling me 'whippy', which i have to say, is not my most favourite of all nicknames. i went to the doctor yesterday (i will herein refer to her as the substitute doctor, cuz mine was on holidays) and she was a total b****. the substitute doctor told me to resume all normal activities (regardless of the fact that i have been laying around for a week because sitting really really hurts) and that i should be able to work, go to school, etc. without a problem. wow. substitute doctor's empathy was just what i needed. oh, and she also threw out that i shouldn't bother with physio or massage, because that could potentially make it worse. what?!

so...i am attempting to resume some normal activity: working on the computer, drinking beer (goes GREAT with robaxacet!), and folding laundry. if i'm feeling really crazy i may do some dishes. and i'm kidding about the beer - meg and i are cutting back. we don't even have any beer in the house...i sucked out the last drops with the support of my neck brace and a straw from our empty 12-pack yesterday. :)

later dudes. feel free to feel sorry for me. i deserve it!

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