Sunday, February 11, 2007

my new trademark...

this pretty much sums up my weekend - and these pictures are only from this afternoon. i am a shuffling, snuffling vector of disease, and i am none too happy about it. this is getting ridiculous.

needless to say, i am going to be of little use to the karaoke-a-thon in which my fellow midwifery students are participating...i may show up to cheer them on if my fever drops, just for the amusement, as i am reaching new levels of insanity. i haven't left the house since thursday, and have only had the constant company of one neurotic, possessed cat. luckily for all of us, b has escaped (i just typed 'excaped', ha ha) periodically, to work out at the gym, and to make a few trips to the grocery store to buy mittfuls of kleenex, soup, and O.J. in the name of the 'what would shannon do' game i like to play (of 'what would jesus do' fame), i originally sent b to the LCBO to get some gin to throw at my problem...but alas, a cure was not to be found.

anywho. it's been a slice chatting to you, but i've got another few hours of being propped up in bed, calling out in my pathetically-stuffy voice for my gorgeous woman-servant to ply me with affection, orange juice, and lipton cup-a-soup (she is a very talented cook, as you can tell). :)

and whatever you do, don't hesitate to send me well-wishes, trashy magazines, and bonbons...

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