Sunday, February 18, 2007

"say hello to my leetle friend..."

she's just pint-sized, really, weighing in at just under 10 lbs, but she has a very BIG personality. she has just recently celebrated 42 days on 'the outside' (that's 6 weeks, for all you mathematically-challenged folks) and manages to have her mommy, daddy, four sets of grandparents, and auntie kd wrapped around her (very long) baby finger. currently, she's stylin' in size 0 cloth diapers and sleepers with feet, though with the occurrence of several blow-outs, may need to wear size 1 pretty soon (and possibly lose the pants altogether). she is recovering from a recent bout of male-pattern baldness and mild cradle cap, and remained quite stoic throughout - though she did tend to visit the (milk) bar more frequently to cope with the embarrassment. she has been determined by her midwives (and her infant-experienced auntie k) to be 'freakishly strong,' bright, and very alert, and should probably be ready to walk, talk, and solve complicated algorithms by, oh, probably next week. may i introduce you to the world's newest orchestra conductor (she waves her arms around like she is conducting, both awake and asleep), super-sleeper (6.5 hrs at a time during the night - yay!) and professional stink-eye-giver...scout kathleen baynham-pooles!

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