Saturday, February 24, 2007

can you spell 'misspell'?

if i read 'wierd' one more time on a sign, blog, or in the paper, i'm gonna go ballistic. i know the stupid rhyme is 'i before e except after c' but c'mon people...oh, and i also have a book club recommendation for you. it's called the dictionary.

P.S. you'd better not differentiate right from left by holding up your hands and seeing which index finger and thumb make an 'L', either.


Amanda said...

One of my greatest disappointments in life is that the blogger I use is not compatible with my Mac, resulting in a pfffft on spell check. The only upside being that my husband lives to rip on me for my typos.

kd said...

hey amanda - not to fear, you are exempt from this mini-rant! :) if you have any typos, i haven't noticed!