Monday, June 25, 2007

so you don't like the heavy stuff, huh?

all righty then, then i present you with some random, pointless information! :) this is one of those memes that is circulating right now...i just looked for shits n' giggles, but some of the stuff that came up was strangely prophetic and i thought i'd share it with you.

basically, you click your way to google and then type a search for "[your name] needs" and see the top x things (i'm choosing 15) that come up. then, you share them. ta-dah!!

(according to google, that is)

KD needs...
  1. " know exactly what time she is to be doing something and exactly how it is to be done." (uncanny!)
  2. " get out of the house more." (i knew it. google has spies!!)
  3. "...this type of concrete feedback to grasp her own progress." (i wish there were an example of what type of feedback it was that i needed...i need to know *exactly* what is meant by that, pronto!)
  4. " be patient." (ouch-ah!)
  5. "...a schedule." (i will agree, on the condition you pronounce it sked-jule and not shed-jule)
  6. " again!" (again?! more like 'still.')
  7. " vent." (i am assuming they mean vent my issues, and not my armpits. i have been showering regularly, after all...)
  8. "...some serious prayer for health and personal problems surrounding her life right now." (wellll...who doesn't have health and personal problems? at this point, i'd request that you save those prayers, though...they make me a l'il bit nervous...)
  9. "...a big hug." (very true. from someone providing concrete feedback, preferably)
  10. "...match the content of any story." (wha?)
  11. "...quiet." (seeeriously! i could use about 3 servings more o' quiet per day!)
  12. "...constant antibiotics to stay healthy." (listen, when people keep wanting to pray for your venting do what you have to do!)
  13. " spend less time on the computer and more time doing some weight training or something." (google. totally. has. spies.)
  14. " get busy and model a few for us." (a few what? g-strings? ankle bracelets? beer bongs?)
  15. "...something good!" (yeah. like my ego back from under the google-spy's shoes.)

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shannon said...

That's supah fun. How can you manage quiet 3 times a day and getting out of the house more? Hmmmmm.