Tuesday, April 17, 2007

oh. ma. god.

i didn't know there was a blog about grey's anatomy...but there is. and shonda rhimes writes on it! and they talk about their decisions for plot things, like the whole izzy and george sex thing. i've been trying to boycott grey's since that episode, but i just...can't...do it, captain! it's too good!!! and i know that makes me pathetic (never mind the serious procrastinating that is going on - hello, remember my exam tomorrow, and how i have only reviewed 2/19 lectures?!) but i can't help it, is the thing.

i'm addicted to grey's anatomy.

and i will find a 12-step group for it, too, once i get the pencil surgically removed from my left orbis ocularis.

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Amanda said...

You know I've only tuned into that show once and it had such a weird vibe. It must have been the episode after they slept together because he acted really weird and it ended with a very unnerving scene with him going home to another woman. I wish that our girls would go to bed with some regularity so I could stand to get attached to a show. I was a Studio 60 fan, um I have an indefatiguable crush on Bradley Whitford, and I teetered on Mommy Dearest insanity when the show was interrupted by cries for more stories. Maybe when I'm 50...